MovingStar Light Weight Scooter


Light Weight transport & comfortable scooter


MS Light Scooter

MovingStar Light Weight Scooter has proven track record oversea. After our testing we understand why. One piece light weight with lots of power generated by new technology motor. Well build with basic frame, control and a walk-through design.  Also we found the electro magnetic brakes to be essential for the elderly user (no need to remember to pull on the handle bar brakes).    If you are looking for a light weight transportable electric scooter, I strongly recommend you test the MovingStar Light Weight Scooter.

Aluminum alloy Vehicle

Weight: 17KG

Maximum load: 120KG

Folded size: 950*557*459MM Seat depth: 350MM

Seat width: 380MM Armrest width: 395MM

Height from the ground: 75MM

Front wheel 6 inch solid Rear wheel 10 inch solid

Adjustable and liftable armrest

Motor: 120W brushless motor

Brake: electromagnetic brake

Battery: quick release lithium battery

Lightweight design, using aviation aluminum alloy, 17KG, one piece folded, easy to carry out, easy to put in the trunk, intelligent electromagnetic brake, let go to stop. (no handlebar brakes to worry about!)

Airline size battery


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