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MovingStar testimonials


By train through the country

“A good friend drew my attention to the MovingStar and I tried it out at a dealer near me. I particularly like that it is so light, because I often travel with Deutsche Bahn and I therefore regularly need help . In addition, the MovingStar is really comfortable. A clear recommendation! “

Beate K. from Bochum

Mobile in Europe

I regularly fly back and forth between Stuttgart and London. Since I got the MovingStar, flying has been a lot easier for me.  I get to the gate with the e-scooter , and there have never been any problems with taking the battery with me on the plane. Last time, however, I got lost in Heathrow – lucky that the MovingStar is so fast and the battery is so long-lasting. 

Frank L. from Sindelfingen

A scooter that can do anything

” My wife and I used to travel a lot, but for some years now she has been dependent on a wheelchair. Then we discovered the MovingStar and since then we can finally travel wherever we want again. The e-scooter is easy to maneuver and fits easily in the trunk. The next trip to Italy is already booked and we are very much looking forward to it . “

Herbert U. from Munich


Mobile despite an accident, even on vacation

” After a serious accident, I was temporarily dependent on a wheelchair. I chose the MovingStar because it is so compact that I can use it in our motorhome. And since I only needed the scooter for a few months, I have Just rented it cheaply. That way, more money was left in the holiday budget. “

Reinhard S. from Zurich

It fits in our caravan

“After a stroke, my husband is dependent on a wheelchair . We spent a long time looking for a suitable model that would also fit through the narrow door of our motorhome, and then we found the MovingStar. It is particularly narrow, light and very easy to control and thus the ideal travel companion. “

Sabine P. from Berlin

Going on vacation as a wheelchair user in a motorhome? This works out!

” It’s very cramped in our small motorhome, so I was looking for a particularly compact wheelchair. The MovingStar immediately won me over, because I can drive to the table with it without any problems, as there is no handlebar. And my husband is happy too. because the MovingStar is particularly light and can be easily folded up. I can only recommend it! “

Ute S. from Ulm

Industrial fair

Fully satisfied with the MovingStar 401

“I often have to go to trade fairs for work and have therefore been looking for an agile electric wheelchair that I don’t have to constantly need help with and that can withstand my weight of 130 kg. The MovingStar 401 is made for me and can be operated easily and intuitively , even in dense crowds. Really a great device! “

Regine P. from Cologne

The MovingStar holds out, even in large exhibition halls

” As a buyer for an international corporation, I regularly go to trade fairs. Since I’ve been using the MovingStar, I’ve gotten through the dense crowd. And thanks to the long range of the battery, I can really go anywhere, even outdoors. My colleagues are often there jealous, because their feet hurt in the afternoon at the latest, while I still have enough energy. “

Gerd O. from Essen

Even small inclines are not a problem

” I am a programmer and IT system developer and therefore have to attend trade fairs frequently. The problem is that very few exhibition grounds are completely barrier-free, so I regularly need help the motor can even manage inclines as long as they are not too steep. And with the joystick I can maneuver my scooter very easily and precisely . “

Herbert K. from Kassel

Ship trip

Shore excursions are also not a problem

” Since I have been dependent on a wheelchair, I can only travel to a limited extent. But with the MovingStar it is much easier, because thanks to the powerful motor, the scooter can manage a steep gangway without any problems See the sights directly on site instead of just from a distance. Thank you for the great device! “

Heike F. from Leipzig

Thanks to the MovingStar we can realize our vacation plans

” My wife and I share a passion for cruises. Unfortunately, she has been dependent on a wheelchair since a fall, so we feared that we would no longer be able to travel. But since we have the MovingStar, we are almost as mobile as we are earlier and are now planning a Mediterranean cruise in the fall. “

Norbert S. from Mülheim

With the wheelchair on the AIDA

” Admittedly, at the beginning I was skeptical when my children gave me a Pacific cruise for my golden wedding anniversary. But the staff on the AIDA were very friendly and always helped me. Which wasn’t necessary that often, because the MovingStar can also be used Maneuver easily with just one hand and thanks to the small turning circle I was able to move freely in my cabin. “

Gudrun M. from Freiburg


The MovingStar is a great travel companion

” Since my skiing accident I haven’t been able to walk for long, so I need the MovingStar especially on the go. It fits easily into my little Fiat and was always with me on our tour of France. I can even drive and steer it great on sand, we have a long time The cobblestones in Carcassonne weren’t a problem either. Especially great: in every café you always have a comfortable chair with you. “

Tina O. from Dresden

I went to an island with the MovingStar

” We were on vacation in Cornwall (Penzance). The landscape on the coast is wild, steep cliffs and narrow paths. The MovingStar was perfect because it is so manoeuvrable. You can only get to St. Michaels Mount at low tide, over one Dam made of stones. So I really drove through the sea and to an island with my MovingStar. It ran flawlessly, and I felt completely safe. “

Peter V. from Nuremberg

At home and when traveling – the MovingStar can do anything

” I am very overweight and have also been dependent on a wheelchair for three years. My friend discovered the MovingStar and we tried it out at a specialist dealer nearby and bought it directly. Since then I have no longer been constantly dependent on help and we were even together with the car in Italy. A great vacation that would probably not have been possible without the MovingStar. “

Ramona K. from Flensburg

City stroll

Despite my disability, I enjoy life

” I tried the MovingStar 102 at a specialist dealer. At first I was skeptical, but the intuitive controls quickly convinced me. Now, around three months later, I am still totally satisfied, because I can get into the power wheelchair without outside help the city. I simply carry my purchases on my lap or in a practical shopping basket. “

Stephan S. from Kiel

I can finally enjoy summer in the city again

” Before I found the MovingStar, I had given up hope of finding an e-wheelchair that would meet my needs. At around 120 kilos (despite dieting) I am relatively heavy and my handicap means that I can only do sports to a limited extent. Yes With the MovingStar 401 I can really get anywhere and am also fast on the market day in the crowd. A clear recommendation, also because of the flexible control. “

Kerstin B. from Hürth

Sometimes I almost forget that I’m in a wheelchair

” I’ve been dependent on a wheelchair my whole life and have tried many models. Then I discovered the MovingStar, tried it out and was immediately convinced: Light, manoeuvrable and easy to transport. In addition, it is so comfortable that I can even take long strolls around town with it the Düsseldorfer Kö can hold out without any problems. I’ve been driving the MovingStar for over a year now and wouldn’t want any other model. “

Franka H. from Düsseldorf


With the MovingStar I can shop anywhere

” I have a damaged spine, cannot walk straight and am not allowed to lift, carry or push a shopping trolley. I used to have an electric wheelchair, but it was heavy and bulky and I sometimes even got stuck in the store or at the cash register. That happens to him MovingStar no longer. It is very easy to control, even when it is fully loaded. I do all my errands with the MovingStar. Other people have even asked me what it is called and where I got it. “

Thomas A. from Hanover

The MovingStar is now part of our family

” We bought my mother the MovingStar 102 because she could hardly walk even with the rollator. Even distances over 50 meters became a real torture. Now she even comes back with us when we go shopping. We are especially excited about it, how quickly and easily the MovingStar can be opened and closed, loaded and transported. And that it can also get through narrow shops and aisles. “

Guiseppe R. from Heidelberg

A simple wheelchair? No, a real help in everyday life

” After my accident, we rebuilt the apartment so that I could go anywhere with a wheelchair. When my husband told me about the MovingStar, I was skeptical at first, but when I tried the scooter myself at a dealer, I was convinced by its ease of use. And With the big basket I can even buy a few things on my own and relieve my husband. That is a great relief for us. “

Anja G. from Münster


Very relaxed on the go with the MovingStar

” When we visit our relatives in Switzerland, we simply take my MovingStar with us in the trunk. On a trip to the Reichenbach waterfalls, the MovingStar was able to prove its qualities in the field. With the precise control, it can get through almost anywhere and can also be rank very well. We were also in the Sherlock Holmes Museum … a must for Sherlock fans in Switzerland! “

Diana C. from Vienna

With the MovingStar on the gasometer

” I live in Oberhausen and it’s not far to the gasometer. On Whitsun I visited the new exhibition (Miracles of Nature) and took the MovingStar with me. I went there by tram (works great with the light scooter). And after the exhibition take the elevator up to the viewing platform. From up there you have a wonderful view over the Ruhr area. “

Jörg L. from Oberhausen

Even without a car in the automobile museum

” I’m a big car fan and unfortunately paraplegic since a serious accident. My parents gave me a MovingStar and invited me to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. I read on the Internet that it was awarded the“ Golden Wheelchair ”for barrier-free access and in fact I was able to see the entire exhibition with it without any problems. If I’m in Stuttgart again, I’ll definitely come back because, despite the long range of the battery, I didn’t have the time to see everything. “

Bianca C. from Trier

Everyday life

I enjoy my new independence

” My husband read about the MovingStar on the Internet and surprised me with a test drive. The dealer was very friendly and explained everything to us in detail, and after a short test drive, the MovingStar fully convinced us. Whether when shopping, visiting the doctor or taking walks together , The wheelchair is easy to control, fits easily in the trunk when folded and the battery lasts longer than my husband, even on uneven terrain. “

Johanna F. from Reutlingen

Runs for me again;)

” I have three children and I depend on mobility. Because I just couldn’t cope with the crutches after a complicated shin fracture, I rented the MovingStar 102. That was the best decision, since then I can move without fear, stress-free and pain-free . The little MovingStar is really unbeatably light and uncomplicated, whether indoors or outdoors. It can even be opened and closed faster than most strollers. I can only praise and recommend it. “

Manfred D. from Magdeburg

I can finally participate in normal life again

” I had to go to the hospital for six months because of a serious illness. Since then I have still not been able to walk properly, so I was looking for an inexpensive electric wheelchair that also fits in the elevator. The MovingStar is narrow enough for us to move despite being handicapped. I keep Definitely him, even if I can hopefully soon be able to walk again thanks to regular physiotherapy. “

Renate Z. from Husum

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