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About us

MovingStar International Limited is a company specialising in lightweight foldable electric wheelchairs and transportable electric mobility scooters that has developed over 12 years.

From the early days of Vibration Training to Office Health Solutions, we have always had strong backing from the fitness industry and from Elite Fitness Equipment Limited; a New Zealand owned business for over 26 years.

We provide New Zealanders with quality, well-tested products, portable electric wheelchairs and transportable electric scooters, which fit the needs of our customers.

Our support staff are well trained and our service centres maintained to the highest standards.

Our goal is to bring quality lightweight electric wheelchairs and transportable power scooters to assist the mobility of everyday users. The lightweight transportable power wheelchairs are providing a new freedom with their very compacted design, allowing for the lightweight wheelchair to be easily handle by the user.

Those who are mobility-impaired do not want to give up freedom of movement nor their quality of life.  At MovingStar International Limited we want to provide you with options to ensure this with our portable power wheelchairs and transportable power mobility scooters.


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